1. FamilySearch:
    • URL: FamilySearch
    • Coverage: FamilySearch has a vast collection of free genealogical records from around the world, including many European countries. It includes birth, marriage, death records, census records, and more.
  2. Ancestry:
    • URL: Ancestry
    • Coverage: Ancestry offers a wide range of genealogical records, including collections specific to European countries such as England, Ireland, Germany, and more. While it requires a subscription for full access, it often offers free trials.
  3. Findmypast:
    • URL: Findmypast
    • Coverage: Findmypast specializes in British and Irish genealogy but also offers records from other European countries. It includes census records, birth, marriage, death records, military records, and more.
  4. MyHeritage:
    • URL: MyHeritage
    • Coverage: MyHeritage provides access to a large collection of genealogical records, including records from Europe. It offers family trees, historical records, DNA testing, and other tools for genealogical research.
  5. National Archives (UK):
    • URL: The National Archives (UK)
    • Coverage: The National Archives holds records of the UK government, including census records, military records, wills, and more. Many records are available online, and the website provides guidance on accessing offline records.
  6. Archives Portal Europe:
    • URL: Archives Portal Europe
    • Coverage: Archives Portal Europe provides access to archival collections from European countries. It includes records from national, regional, and local archives across Europe, covering a wide range of topics including genealogy.
  7. Irish Genealogy:
    • URL: Irish Genealogy
    • Coverage: Irish Genealogy offers free access to a variety of Irish genealogical records, including civil registration records of births, marriages, and deaths, as well as church records and census records.
  8. ScotlandsPeople:
    • URL: ScotlandsPeople
    • Coverage: ScotlandsPeople provides access to a wide range of Scottish genealogical records, including statutory records of births, marriages, and deaths, as well as census records, wills, and more.
  9. Norwegian Digital Archives:
    • URL: Norwegian Digital Archives
    • Coverage: The Norwegian Digital Archives offers free access to a variety of Norwegian historical records, including census records, church records, probate records, and more.
  10. Rijksarchief (Belgium):
    • URL: Rijksarchief (Belgium)
    • Coverage: The Rijksarchief (State Archives) of Belgium provides access to archival records from across Belgium, including civil registration records, church records, population registers, and more.

These references should give you a good starting point for researching genealogy in the UK and in Europe. Depending on the country and region you’re interested in, there will be many additional local resources available as well.