Place Names

Same Place — A Different Name?

Sometimes when you are doing genealogical research you may come across a place name that you do not recognize. To help solve this little problem, we have made a list of old Northumberland County place names and their present names. We have included some history of place names as well.

Information has been culled from a Department of Lands and Mines map (no date found), from several old newspaper articles, from members of our branch, and friends and acquaintances. If you can add to the list, we would welcome your input.


  • We are in the process of adding gravestone images to this site made available by Our Miramichi Heritage Family operated by Karl Wade.
  • It will take several months to complete this project.  When finished a notice will be made on this site as well as on the Our Miramichi Heritage Family Face Book group.


Do you have old photos of the Miramichi?

We are looking for photos on farming, fishing, logging, family life or anything else that you might be willing to share.  You would be given full credit for any photos that you allow us to use.  Use our Contact page.