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  • We are in the process of adding gravestone images to this site made available by Our Miramichi Heritage Family operated by Karl Wade.
  • It will take several months to complete this project.  When finished a notice will be made on this site as well as on the Our Miramichi Heritage Family Face Book group.

20 Tips for Building Your Family Tree

1. START WITH YOURSELF AND WORK BACKWARDThat’s where you will find the most documentation so you will make progress and not get discouraged. The farther back you go the more difficult it can become to find well-kept records. Research skills develop over time by...

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A look at Heredis Genealogy software

There are many good quality genealogy software products on the market.  This is a review of one of them.  The product that we reviewed was HEREDIS.  This is a genealogy product from France.  However, it is an international product and works for anyone in North...

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