It can be extremely difficult to know just where to start in  your genealogy journey.  However, there are some simple steps that will make it easier.  These are some basic starting points that you might consider.


  • It all starts with you.  Recording your own information and that of your immediate family, such as siblings, parents,  and grandparents.  Keep going back from this start.  Do one generation at a time and record all of the facts that you can accumulate about each generation.
  • Record everything – names, dates, places and any family events that stand out.  You may find that your own family can help.  All of the information needs to be recorded in a manner that it is organized.   There are numerous forms available for free to help you with this.  Another useful tool in these first steps is specialized software designed to record your findings and allow you to print them in a standard genealogy research format.  This LINK provides some useful information about some of the more popular software options.  Information that you collect , but cannot verify simply needs to be noted at this point until further evidence supports your first discovery of the even.
  • If you use work from others be sure to give credit for their contribution. There are standard methods for citing work of others.   This is a great link on how this should be done, written by Kimberly Powell in a post called How to Cite Genealogy Sources.
  • Family records are also a great place to get started.  Items such as death certificates, marriage records, photos and other family letters and documents should be collected.
  • Finally, you should consider joining a genealogy society in your region.  They often have resources that can get you started, and members may have already collected genealogy records that pertain to your family tree.  You can join the NBGS-Miramichi Branch HERE.