There are many good quality genealogy software products on the market.  This is a review of one of them.  The product that we reviewed was HEREDIS.  This is a genealogy product from France. 

However, it is an international product and works for anyone in North America. A link to the product is here   This is the company website.

We tried the software as a novice (which I certainly am) and these are my results.

The product is not expensive.  We purchased the product on sale for $15 Canadian.  Heredis normally sells for $29.95 US so this is a great time to purchase this software if you wish.

I searched the internet to see what others have to say about this software and generally it gets very high ratings, especially because of the graphing ability of the product.  So I decided to look at some of the graphing options to start.  Not having any genealogy data to complete this evaluation I downloaded the Heredis sample family file so that I could have a look at the graphing capabilities.  Here is one examples of the charting features available in the software.


And here is another.

There is an IOS and an Android app available for the product as well.  They can be downloaded free of charge from the product website.  We have not yet tried these, however, we will do so and make an updated review here as well.

Heredis allows you to “publish” your family tree to their on-line site through a “publish” option in the software.  Users should know that this is a “preference” setting in the software and by default it is set to automatically publish your work to the HEREDIS website.  The developer should change the default setting to not to publish your work.

Data entry is straight forward with numerous prompts when you go astray.  Your genealogy work may be saved at any point and there is an “Export” option so that you can export your tree to the standard GEDCOM format.   You can also “import” GEDCOM files.  We imported two GEDCOM files found on one of the genealogy sites and had no trouble importing the data.  However, some have indicated that Heredis would not import some GEDCOM files.  We would need further research to determine if this is currently an issue or that the current version of the software has fixed any import issues that it may have had in older version.